About b-ê :: well

b-ê :: well 
the linguistic intersection of “bien-être : être bien” and “well being : being well” – this acronym/noun best condenses my ethos, be it in French or English. The Well naturally represents the wealth of knowledge, of life, of body. One in all, and all in one. A source that can never be too filled, nor ever be full. The well also corresponds to the idea of the zang-fu, a theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  For me personally, well is also infused with symbolic imagery; it is a place, an object, a subject that alludes to the various transformations and pathogens found in TCM, as well as in life.

In my search for a name that could best embody the entirety of my passion with all that is “corporal”, no one word seemed more indicative, nor compliment and be more complete than BEing, or as a verb, to BE. These words encompass, when allied, the essence of what I wish to fulfill with my practice; to ‘be well’.

Hence my greeting is also my parting wish,

b-ê :: well